During Staff Meeting/PD (Agenda Possibilities)

1. News: Any recent news and clarification from the exfiles document that needs to be shared (this should be used sparingly and only for time-sensitive news).

2. Opening: Creativity and Engagement Activity

3. Storytelling/Community Building: Share Your Passion

4. Innovation and Stimulation: Thought Provoking Article/Blog Post, Video (Ted Talks) or Resource Discussion

5. Teaching and Learning Spotlight (teacher and students): demonstration, implementation strategies, technology tool(s) used, roadblocks, assessment strategies, and opinions

6. Q and A with Spotlight Teacher(s) and Students: short, 3-4 questions, and opinions

7. Collaborative Time to Reflect on 1-6 in the classroom or your area.

8. Ask any questions and also share thoughts from collaborative time.

9. Student Presentations: It would be nice to have students who have items to discuss. These could be “sit and get”, the value is having them present to the staff but they would be a tremendous  addition-they could be “slotted in” between item three and four.


About Iron Ridge Elementary Campus

We are the local community school in Blackfalds. We are a K-4 school of approximately 460 students. We are a 7Habits school and have a strong focus on guided practice and using technology in purposeful way to assist in teaching and learning.
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