We Can’t Reinvent the Wheel!

All too often as educators we try to meet the future by what we have done in the past. When we do this we are alienating our students who need to see a purpose of what they are learning and the purpose of school in general. Sir Ken Robinson speaks about how things were when we (well when I) went to school. He said if worked hard,  we did well, and we went to college or university then we got a job. In our world today this is no longer true and our kids don’t see it the same way.

Sir Ken Robinson can express this much better than me. Have a look at the following clip:

We have to think differently about education today, most great learning doesn’t happen in isolation, it happens in groups. We are no longer in a one size fits all education world . . .we never have been, but our education institutions were structured that way. Learning in isolation forms a disjunction from one’s natural learning environment. From my experiences, most great learning happens in groups working collaboratively. We need to rethink the structure and habits of our educational institutions. Thus, I believe we need to rethink and examine the culture of our leaning institutions.


About Iron Ridge Elementary Campus

We are the local community school in Blackfalds. We are a K-4 school of approximately 460 students. We are a 7Habits school and have a strong focus on guided practice and using technology in purposeful way to assist in teaching and learning.
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