Before Staff Meeting/PD Day

Ideally one week prior to the staff meeting/pd day, an exfiles document  (ideally a Google Doc) is shared with staff that includes the following items:

  • Important announcements and information table. This is the typical information that previously made up the agenda. In our new approach, this information is shared only in exfiles for consumption with an area for comments or clarification to be added next to each item in the table. These can be clarified at the meeting or within the document itself.
  • Agenda Area


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Staff Meetings

I’ve been thinking a lot in the past about the failures of some staff meetings and lost opportunities. But I haven’t done much about it beside talk. I am pushing myself to action as part of a Challenge Based Learning experience.

So, following is the solution I’ve decided to pitch as a rough draft that could be used at our staff meetings. As part of my Challenge Based Learning, I’ll share the findings if this is implemented or a version of it.


1. Use each staff meeting as a learning and  community-building opportunity.

2. Create a sense of play, imagination, creativity, and wonder.

3. Model the learning environment we desire in the classroom.

4. Amplify students and teachers by telling their stories.

5. Share the stage with the expertise within our school and beyond our school.

6. Connect and keep on the forefront of people’s thinking the various initiatives taking place.

7. Leverage proper communication channels for one-way communication.

My goal is to outline my plan over several entries here and then communicate on how my plan is evolving.

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